Letter: North Shore addresses e-waste all year round

A one-off collection day is not the best way to deal with electronic waste, says Council manager

Dear sir,

The comments regarding eDay by Jo Bennett in the 13 October edition of your magazine showed limited understanding of the issue of electronic waste.

The North Shore City Council supports the year-round safe disposal of electronic waste, rather than one-off collections such as eDay.

A one-off collection day is not the best way to deal with electronic waste, particularly as we have several operators on the North Shore who accept this material on a year-round basis.

There is a great deal of community support for the electronics industry to take stewardship of its own waste. It makes better environmental sense for local private operators to accept electronic waste in small regular quantities, rather than having a one-off collection, at the expense of the ratepayer.

Last year’s eDay collection relied to a large extent on support and funding from Auckland's councils, and this situation is not practical or sustainable when there are other private disposal options for electronic waste.

This year’s Auckland collection in Tamaki was a privately run operation.

Everyday disposal options for electronic waste are listed on the North Shore City Council website on www.northshorecity.govt.nz

It is disappointing that your reporter did not contact the North Shore City Council to get the full story.

Warwick Jaine

Waste minimisation manager

North Shore City Council

Reply – E-tales didn’t just want to lambast North Shore Council – this was a personal example used to illustrate a big problem. One of the operators tearing apart computers which had been left kerb-side for rubbish pick-up, left parts leaching dangerous chemicals into the ground. NZ actually needs better recycling and rubbish pick-up policies, and councils and government have an ‘elected’ duty to develop these. Just last week, I saw the same operators out ripping through clean-up week rubbish yet again.

— Jo Bennett, E-tales editor

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