TrueNet gives more measures on TelstraClear no-limit weekend

International latency and speed of DNS lookup, as well as transmission speed, was affected

Broadband monitor TrueNet has dug deeper into the effect of TelstraClear’s “all-you-can-eat” weekend (December 3-4).

The further analysis, shows international latency and speed of DNS lookup as well as transmission speed was markedly adversely affected. “Our probes show an average increase of 50 percent in international latency”, says TrueNet’s report.

Latency is particularly important to gamers and others requiring rapid response to a series of internet accesses.

Among the storm of complaints via Twitter and on forums such as Geekzone, there were suggestions that international latency through other ISPs was affected by the increased TelstraClear traffic volumes during the weekend. TrueNet finds there was a measurable but not major effect. The greatest effect, as might be expected, was on TC’s own customers.

TrueNet’s earlier report on the weekend was reported in Computerworld on December 6.

TrueNet’s analysis also records “severe DNS lookup delays, not only during the [all-you-can-eat] weekend, but for two days after.” TC, it notes, has suffered DNS lookup delays before, according to the probes sending measurements to TrueNet's earlier report .The probes are accommodated by volunteers nationwide.

DNS lookup translates a URL expressed in human-understandable terms to an IP address. This translation is not needed for some kinds of internet use, but display of one complex web-page may require a number of separate lookups.

Despite the evident degradation in internet access on several fronts, TrueNet still accounts the weekend offer a success.

“The TrueNet figures are not a surprise given the high utilisation of the network,” says TelstraClear media relations manager Gary Bowering. He goes on to cite TrueNet’s continuing favourable impression of the weekend. “As TrueNet stated: ‘This analysis does not change our opinion on the success of the trial, because the DNS issue would not have affected all use of the internet’”, Bowering says.

This weekend Snap Internet will offer its customers unlimited broadband data from Friday 8pm to Monday 8am.

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