GFG Group opens office in Dubai

NZ electronic payment solutions provider has new customers in Middle East and Africa

GFG Group has opened an office in Dubai to service its growing markets in the Middle East and Africa.

The New Zealand electronic payment solutions and services provider, which is accredited by the World Bank, has new customers in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria and Gabon.

Wayne Robinson, senior vice president sales and marketing, who has spent most of the past 16 months in Dubai, says there is a World Bank push for financial inclusion, to “bank the unbanked”.

“Everything is being driven by mobility to give everyone access to the banking system.”

He says competitors in those regions are a dime a dozen. “Our advantage is that we come from a banking environment and most of them are from a telco background, so we tend to knock them off.”

The Dubai office is developing partnerships, particularly with systems integrators. “We’ve got customers from Kuwait to Lebanon,” Robinson says,

GFG Group had identified the Middle East and Latin America as its potential major areas of growth. After consideration, it was decided to focus on the Middle East, he says.

“We’re trying to grow as quickly as we can but we’re resource-short. We can only handle 15 percent annual growth so we have to do it differently. We’re looking at systems integrator partners who bring their resource out of India.”

There’s growth, too, in Southeast Asia. The company has opened an office in Ho Chi Minh City after entering into a third project in Vietnam. “We were previously servicing the area out of Manila,” he says.

“We’ve just gone live with two banks in Laos and we have a contract for six French banks in multiple countries in the region.”

GFG’s solutions use bank grade security.

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