Fry Up: There's a new sheriff in town

A rose by any other name

There’s a new sheriff in town

A big ole Fry Up welcome to Amy Adams who was sworn in as ICT Minister this week.

We’ve yet to shake her hand, but we think she will make an impression in the portfolio if this photo on National’s Flickr account is any indication.

Watch out cybercrims, Amy’s in charge now.

Amy Adams is new ICT Minister

Big shout out to Minister Joyce

A stint in the ICT portfolio can lead to glory and so it has proven with Steven Joyce catapulting from number 14 to number 4 on the cabinet list of very important Ministers. (Sorry David Cunliffe, not your week, oh well).

Joyce doesn’t completely leave the ICT world however, as he has the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Science and Innovation under his purview. Given he has the MED portfolio it will be interesting to see if it’s Joyce or Adams who makes the decisions on 700MHz allocation.

As for the MSI portfolio, it’s awash with taxpayer money. It receives $770 million funding (of which $15 million goes to running the Ministry and the remainder is invested in the sector), and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise receives $152 million.

Of course Joyce has plenty of experience in handing out taxpayer cash – he’s a real giver, as Telecom and Vodafone well know.

Treaty claimant on radio spectrum speaks out

Govt is not an ATM for tech companies - Groser

A rose by any other name...

The New Zealand Computer Society is thinking of changing its name.

Apparently the words ‘Computer Society’ conjure up images of hobbyists tinkering with their TRS-80s at the school hall on a Thursday evening, and that’s not where the organisation sees itself anymore.

The name on the table is Institute of IT Professionals. Which sounds sensible and reassuring - but not much fun.

Computer Society to launch schools outreach programme

Final YouTube video for 2011

Found on, this stop-motion animiation by Tony Jenkins follows the journey of desk toy across the US.

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas from Fry Up. See you in the new year, maybe.

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