Vodafone tops TrueNet's browser performance tests

ISP moves from last to first place in rankings

Vodafone has gone from last to first in terms of browser performance, according to TrueNet’s latest performance measurements for the New Zealand market.

Four months ago, Vodafone was measured as the slowest in ADSL browsing speed. The latest measurements were from early in December.

TelstraClear slipped back on average due to its probes slowing down during the first week of December but performing normally for the rest of the month.

Telecom, which had been ranked first as an ADSL ISP, slipped to fourth, though TrueNet says the top four ISPs are very close.

“Our probe measurements showed significantly slower performance for four days in mid December, lowering their average performance for the month,’ TrueNet says.

“A change to ‘other’ was due to one very slow probe volunteer switching to a better performing ISP, leading to an improvement in the average of all ‘other’ probes.”

TelstraClear remained the best performer compared to all ADSL suppliers.

Snap slowed in the middle of November, leading to a full month at that lower performance in December.

TrueNet comments that, while confirming no ISPs are manipulating its testing, it noticed that three ISPs each had two groups of probes separated by significantly different performances.

“For each of these three ISPs one group of probes performed very well – well under 0.5 sec per page download. The other group performed poorly – over 1.5 sec per page download.

“With more investigative testing, TrueNet hopes to discover if there is an explanation for this.”

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