Compudigm shingle comes down at last

One-time ICT industry high-flyer Compudigm went bust owing millions in March

The Compudigm shingle has finally come down from number 49 Boulcott Street, one of Wellington’s more imaginatively designed buildings.

Graphical data presentation specialist Compudigm ran into terminal financial problems earlier this year, but the name stayed up for some months after, a feature for many living or working in the Wellington CBD.

Compudigm’s shingles are yielding to those of property company Davis Langdon, an existing tenant of the building, which also served as Microsoft’s Wellington office for some time.

One-time ICT industry high-flyer Compudigm went bust owing millions in March. Based in Wellington, the company was run from Las Vegas after it made several sales of its seePower software to the gaming industry.

“The company has run out of money,” receiver John Fisk, of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, told Computerworld. “There is absolutely no money left in the company. It is insolvent.”

Fisk sent home Compudigm’s 15 employees in Wellington and eight in the US.

Designed by Roy Wilson and his team of architects to fit an unusually narrow site, 49 Boulcott is a monument to the ornamentalist style, with an overlarge Doric-pillared portico, bright-green semicircular balconies and, at the third-floor level, a pair of communication-dish-like devices that seem to be intended as imitation Roman-style braziers.

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