Predictions 2012: UFB uptake will be slow; skills shortages will bite

Telecommunications Carriers Forum CEO David Stone says it will be school kids who show the way in taking advantage of fast fibre networks

Telecommunications Carriers Forum CEO David Stone forecasts two challenges and two opportunities for the ICT industry in 2012. They are as follows:

1. UFB will take longer to deploy than current predictions and uptake will be slower. Nevertheless it is something we can't afford not to do and it will give us an advantage relative to the rest of the world.

2. Skilled labour shortages will become starkly evident and there will be a rush to accelerate ICT training in schools and tertiary institutions. Hopefully the numerate will want to become computer engineers rather than accountants.

3. What our kids will do with UFB once they get a taste at school for what it can do will blow our minds (maybe not in 2012 but not long thereafter).

4. New Zealand will begin to leverage its natural advantages (moderate ambient temperatures, abundant green energy, political - if not seismic - stability) and will become host to a major datacentre.

* This fortnight Computerworld is featuring a series of opinion pieces by leading ICT professionals in which they look at what's in store for 2012.

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