RoamAD bucks economic downturn

Asia key focus in 2009

There are already signs the networking market could be headed for strife, with Nortel likely to file for bankruptcy, but New Zealand wireless network builder RoamAD is yet to see a slowdown in international network investment.

CEO Martyn Levy says the economic downturn will have an impact but it will take longer.

“Some of the deals we’ve been working on we’ve had in the pipeline for a while. Our solution is cost effective so if you are deploying infrastructure such as CCTV wireless can be cheaper.”

The company’s solutions are now in Taiwan following approval earlier this month. The technology is available through partners aCure Technology and distributor T-COM Tech.

Levy says getting approval was a rigorous process.

“It’s very similar to the FCC process in the United States that we’ve already went through. It’s a huge opportunity for a gateway into China. We’re doing a lot of utility networks [in Taiwan] as well as the public wi-fi networks.”

Asia, particularly China and India are the priority for 2009, he says.

“There are 1.2 billion people [in India] and half the population is under 25. There are eight million new GSM subscribers a month. Laptop penetration is growing as well so with this mass emergence of the middle class, the only way to connect them is wirelessly.”

The company also has local plans.

“There is some expansion of existing networks that’s going to be happening next year,” says Levy.

RoamAD kit features as part of Kordia's rollout of metro wi-fi in Auckland City as well as a CCTV network in Newmarket.

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