Optimizer HQ follows listing with acquisition, new products

Auckland-based online marketing company acquires animation graphics specialist

Following a German stock exchange listing Auckland-based online marketing support company Optimizer HQ has taken over Auckland-based Desaign, an animation and motion graphics company, which it anticipates will expand its service portfolio.

Optimizer HQ CEO Manas Kumar says the acquisition of Desaign brings together his company’s cloud-based business technology and Desaign’s animation and motion graphic design capabilities, giving small businesses access to a suite of straightforward online marketing and customer retention applications.

The acquisition is also expected to provide future product integration opportunities with some of Optimizer HQ’s yet to be announced research and development projects.

“Desaign’s skills and ability to turn complex concepts into simple communication is what attracted us in the first instance,” Kumar says. “Optimizer HQ is all about simplifying technology, so Desaign was a good fit.”

Optimizer HQ will launch its email list cleaner, ListWise HQ in beta release on February 1 and has “a bunch of other research on the go” for new products, says Kumar.

ListWise HQ cleans out unresponsive and duplicate email addresses on a company’s list, allowing online marketing to be more effective, he says.

Late last year, OptimizerHQ chose to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. “We had aspirations to get onto a US exchange,” Kumar says; but the fees and complexity of filing processes, added to the financial turmoil on US markets made this a discouraging prospect.

However, in February last year, the Frankfurt exchange took a share in the New York Stock Exchange, and Optimizer HQ saw a Frankfurt listing as a more economical and straightforward option, providing an indirect route to US investors, Kumar says.

Optimizer HQ has a number of products in the email and SMS marketing arena: Maxmail HQ to coordinate email marketing, SMS marketing, online surveys and social media automation; Texta HQ for the SMS channel; the Comet search engine optimiser and Landing Pages HQ, for quick deployment and management of pages set up to receive responses to marketing initiatives.

The rise of social networking has taken online marketing beyond the traditional “push” model, says Kumar; it is increasingly a question of “enabling customers to find you” through the social media channels, as well as outward promotion.

Kumar came to New Zealand from India 10 years ago, with the ambition to play professional cricket. That didn’t work out; looking for a source of a reasonable living without having to do multiple jobs “I stumbled across the net marketing area”, he says. As an immigrant communicating frequently with home, he was aware of the potential of the internet, so started up Optimizer HQ in 2003 as a web-design company; them specialised in marketing when that area became too crowded.

The company listed on the Frankfurt exchange at 0.10 Euro and experienced an early flush of interest, taking the shares to 0.40 Euro. Last week [January 25] they stood 0.55 Euro.

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