Sonatype tweaks repository manager for corporates

Open source vendor upgrades software project software

Sonatype has released an enterprise version of its open source repository manager for Maven, which is used by developers to help build, release and deploy software projects.

Sonatype, named in 2008 by Network World as one of 10 open source companies to watch, is adding a host of corporate features to its Nexus software, which manages the Maven repository.

Sonatype was founded by the team that built Maven, an online repository of some 75,000 software components. The components can be reused in various projects.

Nexus Professional, which was made available Thursday, includes features for staging, workflow, procurement and authentication via the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Nexus Professional, which is open source software, can aggregate components available via internal repositories with those available online through Maven. The repository supports projects developed on many platforms, including Eclipse, Java and Apache.

The new procurement features in Nexus Professional give users control over what can be uploaded into the repository, which gives users a means to protect the integrity of their components.

Support for LDAP provides a mechanism to control access, map Nexus roles to groups of users and tie Nexus policies with LDAP groups.

The staging feature provides a sort of side repository where users can store components and create a workflow for moving components to the main repository as a way to centrally manage software releases.

"What is different with software projects now is that people work on distributed teams often with distributed authority as well," says Mark de Visser, CEO of Sonatype. "They have components from vendors they contract with and they release software much more frequently. In that scenario there are a whole lot of organizational challenges."

In March, Sonatype will add capabilities for transactional deployment and an update console to Nexus Professional.

By September, the company plans to add Enterprise and Compliance versions of Nexus that add specific features, such as federation and management of software acquisition to support compliance reporting.

Nexus Professional is priced at US$2,995 per year per server.

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