Wellington power cut a non-event for telcos

But helpdesks received a higher number of calls from concerned users

Internet service providers and network operators say they rode through the power cut in Wellington last month with minimal disruption — though their helpdesks fielded a higher number of calls from users concerned about the impact to their equipment and connection, or wanting help restarting.

“There was no impact to our infrastructure from the power outage — everything went successfully to backup power for the duration,” says Telecom spokesman Ian Bonnar.

The CityLink metropolitan broadband network was down for the duration of the outage, but customers expect that to happen, says managing director Neil deWit.

“We went into our normal DR procedures.” This entails efficiently looking after customer inquiries and readying equipment for the return of supply. Everything came up smoothly except for four servers that simply had to be rebooted, he says.

For TelstraClear, according to spokespeople, the event had as little impact as that reported by Telecom.

Most companies and individuals affected report the time of the outage was about 45 minutes, but in some parts of Wellington it was said to be as long as an hour.

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