Fry Up: Exit Strategy

Hello Computerworld, it's Sim

You may have noticed today’s byline has a more ethnic flavour than usual. This is because Computerworld editor, Sarah Putt, has entrusted me to look after this week's edition of our venerable Friday tradition.

No need to fret faithful readers, she may be back next week with more tiffs with telcos and vengeance on vendors. Until then I'll be your guide to Fry Up, so feel free to leave fanmail (or more than likely, hatemail) in the comments section below.

Speaking of comments, in the past we've been asked about Computerworld's comments policy.

While it’s flattering that you would assume we have an official comments policy, I have to inform you we tend to just play it by ear. Comments are open to anyone who can decipher our increasingly cryptic CAPTCHA system, and we are OK about keeping things anonymous so people feel safe to truly express their opinions (and boy do they).

Sure, an anonymous system leaves us open to trolling, but Computerworld readers are generally ok (if a bit blunt). We don't moderate the comments unless there's defamation or spam. We figure Ministers of the Crown, people who earn more than $5 million a year, and Computerworld editorial staff should be able to take the odd bit of abuse; but unsubstantiated claims about middle-managers and advertising about Viagra are considered birds of a feather here, even though the two are so well connected.

Now, enough self-indulgence, and on with the Fry Up.

US cites UN to extradite DC from NZ

It's been a month since Kim Dotcom's dramatic capture, and it's clear the US government will do what ever it takes to keep the 'pirate menace' off the streets of Coatesville, even if that means doing business with the United Nations.

The crown prosecutor representing the US cited United Nations treaty on international crimes. Whether it holds up in court over the next few weeks (or perhaps months) is another question.

The 'Mega Conspiracy' case will continue with arguments for extraditions to be heard next Wednesday, and Computerworld will be at the court covering it. In the mean time, this journalist will try to think of an even more dramatic (and prejudicial) name for the case. Paintergate 2.0 anyone?

Welcome minister

Newly appointed ICT minister, Amy Adams, sat down for questions with Computerworld.

She talked about her experiences (and inexperiences) in technology, and where her priorities are for technology in NZ over the next three years.

Commenters on the article felt she has more questions to answer. Perhaps we should do an online town hall style meeting, with questions open to the public? Let her know on her Twitter account @amyadamsmp.

The new New Zealand Summer?

The Twitters in Auckland were all aflutter on Wednesday, as news spread of a tornado in the Auckland harbour.

The #tornado hashtag was trending in New Zealand for some time, but Wellingtonians were said to be non-plussed by images of Auckland's great 'tornado', saying it was at best a mild gust before returning to making disparaging comments about Auckland traffic.

Pictured: Telecom's exit strategy for Paul Reynolds.

And finally, a use for LEDs

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