Stephen Fry apologises for any digital embarrassment

But the British actor remains critical of Telecom's bandwidth throttling

British actor Stephen Fry has apologised for any offence caused by his recent tweets in which he called New Zealand broadband “a digital embarrassment”.

“...if I offended by being rude about its digital performance, then I am sorry,” Fry wrote in a lengthy post on his blog at entitled “Making an Arse of Myself in Wellington.”

“But I promise you it came from love,” Fry says. “Well, love with mixed with early morning grumpiness.”

Fry, who is currently based in Wellington while taking part in the filming of The Hobbit, goes out of his way to praise New Zealand in the post.

“Despite the sheep jokes this is as sophisticated, progressive and forward looking a nation-state as exists in the world, its population of a mere four million or so punching hugely above their weight in almost every field of endeavour.”

But he doesn’t seem to able to resist once more attacking Telecom’s bandwidth throttling, saying “... it just never crossed my mind that a civilised country would do this.”

“It is pretty clear that the New Zealand administration is aware that many Kiwis are highly dissatisfied with the performance of Telecom NZ, who had very swiftly moved to cancel the data cap on my service and replace an ancient dusty modem,” Fry wrote.

“I appreciated their attention and rapid service, but of course I had to point out – as many New Zealanders did – that I shouldn’t be getting any preferential treatment (and I certainly didn’t tweet in the expectation of it). It is not Stephen Fry who deserves a better broadband service, it is every New Zealand citizen.”

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