Fry Up: Pop quiz

Gordon Gekko fronts for the FBI

Pop quiz, because it’s Friday.

1. How much does it cost to clone a hard drive when you are spending taxpayers' money?

2. You’re an IT Manager in charge of mobile security and concerned about corporate data being lost, which app do you block – ‘Angry Birds’ or ‘Dropbox’?

3. Rangitoto Island erupts and in the aftermath you’re in charge of communicating with a large army of volunteers ready to clean up the fallen ash, how do you contact them – by Twitter or by Text?

4. You’re the boss of massive Pay TV company and the broadcasting industry is about to be regulated in order to ensure uptake on the government’s new fibre networks. You’re told you can only dominate in one area of ‘premium content’, so which one is the most valuable to you – movies on demand, drama series, or sports games?

5. You are a worldwide famous celebrity working in Wellington and one morning you awake to discover your internet connection has slowed to a crawl; you send out a (few) outraged tweets. Later it transpires you were on the wrong plan, but because you are a leading tweeter you have apparently embarrassed the country. Should you apologise?

Answers below

Gordon Gekko fronts for the FBI

The FBI has launched a social media campaign to catch insider traders through Facebook and Skype, and has called on its friends in Hollywood for the launch of “Operation Perfect Hedge”.

Michael Douglas, who played the ruthless businessman Gordon Gekko in the Wall Street movies, stars in the YouTube campaign.

“We will go to whatever lengths we have to, to keep up with changes in technology,” says special agent Richard Jacobs.

Pop quiz answers

1. A lot. At Kim Dotcom’s bail appeal this week his lawyer argued that data contained on seized computers was essential to the defence, but the judge says crown prosecutor Anne Toohey told him that the cost of cloning the hard drives, around $200,000, would be prohibitively expensive.

Prosecutors refuse to release Megaupload data

2. Angry Birds.

IT claims security fears but blocks Angry Birds instead

3. Text. During the Rena crises in November, Readynet sent 160,000 texts and 160,000 emails to volunteers who had registered to help with the clean up. That compares with just 200 people on the Twitter site.

Council manages Rena spill using Readynet system

4. Drama series could be more valuable than rugby games – the newly launched Soho channel on Sky TV is racking up the subscribers.

Sky TV boss denies rights deals are keeping content out

5. No. But Stephen Fry said sorry anyway.

Stephen Fry apologises for any digital embarrassment

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