Buyers warned over mobile phone website

Kiwi customer says she paid $599 for a fake iPhone

Aucklander Tracey Forward is one who got stung recently when she ordered what she thought was an Apple iPhone, from online mobile phone sale site

Forward ordered an 8GB iPhone for $599.40. When it arrived a few days later she was surprised to see that the shipping note came from Shanghai – as the site claims to be local – and then even more surprised when she couldn’t insert her SIM card into the phone. The SIM card tray that iPhones have was missing on her unit.

Forward emailed “a dozen times” but never got a reply. There is no phone number or address listed on the website, she says.

When she didn’t get a response from the website she took the phone to an authorised Apple repairer, who immediately told her the phone was a fake. She was told it was a very “good-looking” fake.

IPhones have a quite long and narrow charging socket, whereas the fake phone had a mini-USB charging port. Also, a little white square that sits on the menu button on an iPhone was a diamond shape on the replica.

In hindsight, Forward says she should have heard alarm bells going off when purchasing the phone from the site, because when she got to the payment page there was suddenly only one payment option available — a deposit into a KiwiBank account — despite credit card and PayPal options being advertised earlier in the process.

“I am trying to channel my anger into preventing this from happening to anyone else,” Forward told Computerworld.

She has informed the Police, Commerce Commission, Chinese Embassy, Apple’s legal department and KiwiBank about what happened to her. KiwiBank has now got an alert on the account, says Forward.

Computerworld found an address and a phone number for the registrant of the domain, Buymore Ltd. However, this company is not registered with the Companies Office and the phone number is not valid.

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