Objective considers shifting hosted facility to NZ

Sovereignty issues may force Objective Corporation to move its hosted facility from Sydney

Objective Corporation may move its hosted facility for New Zealand customers from Sydney to New Zealand because of the issues of sovereignty, says new country manager Paul Linton.

Objective is a major supplier of document management and enterprise content to New Zealand government departments and to local authorities.

Late last year it announced Objective Connect, a suite of new applications that enables secure, accountable and auditable information-sharing and process management across public sector agencies, leveraging its cloud-based platform.

Objective Connect joins people, information and processes from multiple government agencies. Linton says it provides sharing and collaboration of any document management product as long as one party has Objective.

“Our technology strategy with Objective Connect is simple. We are delivering lightweight but highly secure, cloud-facilitated integration between the managed content stores of any government agency, rather than promoting an impossible whole-of-government approach.”

Objective Connect will initially provide connections between Objective ECM, HP TRIM, Microsoft SharePoint, and OS File Systems. “No one else is doing the cloud the way we are doing it,” Linton says.

Objective recently launched version 8.1 of its suite. New or improved aspects include Objective Discover, a search tool; mobile access; integration with SharePoint; native 64-bit server OS; a new text search engine; and Objective Executive, which provides a browser interface for senior executives and non-intensive users to allow easy adoptability with low or no training.

“The new search function allows better categorisation,” Linton says.

The first part of the new cloud product will be launched this month, he says.

Linton joined Objective in November.

He previously ran an industry capability unit at the Department of Trade and Enterprise and, before that, spent seven years with the Meterological Service as general manager commercial and general manager of its Metra subsidiary.

A major part of those roles was selling weather-related software graphics to international organisations such as the BBC and CNBC.

“We built software to sell to energy companies to help manage weather risk, and also for the finance industry for weather trading (a form of futures trading).

After widely travelling the world, he felt it was time for a change.

“I joined Objective because I like the software industry,” he says. “I liked the CEO’s view and the fact that he was investing a lot in research and development and in new products.”

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