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Get yourself some Pi

Mega Minister, Super Shocker

On Monday TV3 News reported it had heard rumours of a new super ministry being established, to be led by a mega Minister believed to be Steven Joyce, aka Super-Steve. The official announcement came on Thursday from PM John Key, who also took the opportunity to lambast government IT systems, saying “I’ve actually been shocked at how obsolete many public sector IT systems are, and how big the challenge will be to upgrade and modernise them.”

He really doesn't like his BlackBerry, aye. Missing your iPhone, John?

Prime Minister 'shocked' by govt IT

New Ministry to include MED and MSI

Tron Dance Party

Via, a dance crew performs while wearing Tron-like outfits in darkness.

Get yourself some Pi

The Raspberry Pi, for those of you who’ve been buried under an avalanche of iPad articles, is the little computer that could. The device is roughly the size of a credit card, and needs to be plugged into a connector dock via a USB connection that will hook it up to a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. The computer runs on open source operating system Ubuntu and uses other open-source software such as the Iceweasel web browser and the KOffice productivity suite.

It costs US $25 for the basic version and US $35 for the deluxe model and the first batch of 10,000 sold out in less than a day. But its UK creators, a non-profit organisation that wants the device to ignite an interest in computer programming in school-kids, say the devices will be back on sale soon.

You can’t buy Pi direct, you have to go through a reseller. According to sister publication Reseller News, the two reconised channel partners are being inundated with queries.

Reseller demand for Raspberry Pi 'overwhelming'

Raspberry Pi creators 'punch drunk' over devices wildfire success

Comment of the week

In an occasional series that may, or may not, have begun today, Fry Up recognises the best comment of the week. Take it away ‘Mark’:

“Am I missing something really obvious here? It seems to me that if they can prosecute Kim Dotcom then they should also be prosecuting NZ Post who delivered all those mix tapes I created for girlfriends back in the (early) 90's.”

Megaupload criminal copyright case represents fundamental shift

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