Slingshot unmeters content for Quickflix

CEO Mark Callander says ISP on a mission to eliminate data caps

Slingshot will unmeter content for the Quickflix online content streaming service that launches in New Zealand today.

CEO Mark Callander says Slingshot’s policy of unmetering content from selected websites, in addition to offering unlimited broadband plans, is proving popular with its customers and it wants to extend this service to Quickflix subscribers.

“As our ISP our game is about delivering content, so we will do that for as many content providers as possible to ensure our customers benefit from the range of what’s out there in the market,” Callander says.

Callander says he is in talks with other content providers, but would not name them to Computerworld.

So how does the arrangement with Quickflix affect Slingshot’s deal to resell Sky TV services?

“Sky TV can’t control who we unmeter content for,” Callander says.

“We’re able to sell Sky services to our customer base. This is an unmetering arrangement, quite simply we’ll be unmetering the Quickflix traffic, and I understand we’ll be one of the only ISPs doing it.”

Orcon has also announced it will unmeter Quickflix traffic.

Callander says Slingshot is “on a mission to eliminate data caps.”

“We don’t want our customers to have to worry about data caps, we’ve been focussed on delivering the large data caps and until recently we were the only ISP offering unlimited broadband which we’ve been doing for over a year now.”

Slingshot has around 10 percent of the household broadband market, with 100,000 broadband customers. Callander says this puts it at number four in the fixed line broadband market behind Telecom, TelstraClear and Vodafone.

Slingshot has unbundled 140 exchanges throughout New Zealand. “We have reached an excess of 50 percent of New Zealand with LLU footprint,” Callander says.

This week Slingshot completed negotiations with all four LFCs in the Ultra Fast Broadband rollout – Enable Networks, Northpower, Chorus and Ultra Fast. Callander says the company is now actively working on UFB plans.

Quickflix CEO Chris Taylor says in a press statement: "We applaud the decision by Slingshot to unmeter our service. In doing so, Slingshot has identified the appeal and likely uptake of services like ours, and want to ensure their customers can enjoy the benefits of Quickflix without concern for their data caps. In the current environment, access to premium zero-rated content will be a key consideration for consumers when choosing their ISP."

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