Bank/ISP performance measures vary widely, says TrueNet

Broadband monitor TrueNet says figures are 'interest only'

If you contact your bank often online, it’s best to be a Kiwibank customer using a TelstraClear cable internet service, latest figures from broadband efficiency monitor TrueNet suggest.

Oddly, however, Kiwibank access using TelstraClear’s DSL service returns - one of the worst figures in the survey.

The longest time of all to display the main page of the bank’s website is ANZ through Telecom, at 2.7 seconds, compared with the Kiwibank/TelstraClear cable test figure of 0.1 seconds.

The TrueNet figures are based on a 24-hour survey taken between March 26 and 27.

The TrueNet survey provides comparative figures ranked by bank across all ISPs; Kiwibank comes second-to-bottom in that table, dragged down by its TelstraClear DSL, Telecom and Orcon performance; but bottom position is taken by ANZ.

Display time for the main page at TradeMe is included for comparison; it ranks just over half way down.

When comparative ISP performance is plotted in terms of the time to download all banks’ main pages, TelstraClear cable wins again, at 0.4 seconds, with Telecom at the opposite end of the scale, taking more than 0.9 seconds.

A disclaimer appended to the report, however, suggests TrueNet doesn’t want customers to rely on the figures as a reason to contemplate changing their bank or ISP. “The publication of this information is provided as an interest-only report to showcase another of a range of test results that TrueNet is able to deliver,” says the footnote.

Plots, including the multicoloured 3D “all-versus-all” histogram can be seen here.

Only ANZ, BNZ, National, TSB and Westpac banks are ranked. ASB Bank could not be measured, says TrueNet, “because our technology currently does not enable downloads of secure pages, and ASB has a secure main page.”

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