Telecom releases XT plans

One rate, per minute billing and shared plans feature

Telecom has announced details of its mobile plans ahead of tomorrow's launch of its new XT WCDMA network.

The plans incorporate what Telecom calls "one rate pricing", per second billing after the first minute and the shared calling plans, concepts that Telecom Retail CEO Alan Gourdie says give customers certainty, flexibility and make it easy to understand what’s on offer.

“We have reduced the number of mobile plans on offer from 60 to just 14 — in response to customers telling us they want choosing a plan to be easy," he says in a statement released this afternoon.

Earlier today, Vodafone announced it had completed its planned network extension to provide 97% population coverage.

Customers on the One Rate 250 plan, for example, will receive 250 minutes at a per minute rate of $0.40 for $99.95. That rate also applies to all minutes after the 250 have been used.

One rate plans start at $14.95 a month for 20 minutes of calling at 75 cents a minute. 100 minutes costs $49.95 at 49 cents a minute. For extraordinarily heavy users, the plans peak with the One Rate 2500 — at $799.95 a month for 2,500 minutes at 32 cents a minute.

Prepaid plans offer bonus top up minutes with all calls charged at 89 cents a minute. A $20 top up receives a $5 bonus while a $60 top up receives a 33% $20 bonus. Prepaid customers also receive per second billing after the first minute of a call which means their top-up goes further.

XT users can add extra test or data bolt ons. 20MB of broadband costs $6 while 120MB costs $12. The top 3GB bolt on costs $84.95.

For businesses and families, Telecom has introduced share minutes and lower per minute calling rate and free calling between group members.

Two people on a Share 250 plan, for example, can share 250 minutes for $114.95 a month, at a per minute rate of $0.40.

Casual mobile broadband will be charged at a rate of $1 a day up to 10MB, matching Vodafone's casual rate.

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