Right Hemisphere builds momentum with Documentum

Kiwi-built 'Deep Server' moves deep inside EMC's Documentum

Industry heavyweight EMC has integrated Right Hemisphere’s Deep Server into its Documentum enterprise content management system, adding 3D and CAD data support.

The integration work was done by Right Hemisphere spin-off Nextspace, which specialises in 3D technology integration.

Right Hemisphere founder and chief technology officer Mark Thomas says the integration takes 3D and CAD outside of the traditional engineering space.

The company, which was founded in 1997 and is based in Auckland and Silicon Valley, received a grant of $US8 million from the previous Labour government on condition that it kept two-thirds of its research and development in New Zealand. Right Hemisphere currently has around 100 staff in both countries.

Its software unifies visual product information with relevant business data in corporate CAD, PLM, and ERP systems. The software then automatically delivers this intelligent product information into commonly-used business documents, file formats and directly into business applications for secure downstream use.

Nextspace was formed two years ago, on the back of the government grant. Its role is to take Right Hemisphere technology to new markets and to provide integration services.

“The challenge is about understanding how to pull the systems together and typical customer workflows,” says Nextspace CEO Gavin Lennox.

Thomas says the move from 2D to 3D design is being driven by the aircraft industry.

In the US, Boeing and most of the major aircraft manufacturers use Right Hemisphere’s technology. In Europe, some of customers of Airbus use it on the client side.

“Pretty much any computer can now handle the data, which previously only specialist CAD machines could do,” Thomas says.

“In the aircraft industry, all the systems in the planes have to be tracked. Once you’ve got a model-based definition, you have a single point of truth.”

Lennox says the EMC deal will enhance New Zealand’s development reputation on the world stage.

The deal was announced last month at the EMC World Conference, where Right Hemisphere also released a new version of its client product, Deep Exploration 6.0.

Version 6.0 adds new features such as the ability to handle very large data models.

“For example, you can model a new aircraft on a computer rather than having to deal with hierarchies,” Thomas says.

Other new features include a highly configurable workflow-oriented user interface (UI), improved ability to view, select and navigate complex 3D models, a new XML file format to facilitate its integration with enterprise systems, and a completely new photorealistic rendering engine.

Version 6.0 will be in general release around August.

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