Google Phone back on sale

'Commercial issue' resolved, says Vodafone PR

The HTC Magic is back on sale in New Zealand after mysteriously disappearing from stores and Vodafone's website yesterday.

Vodafone PR-man Paul Brislen says the "commercial issue" that forced the phone from the shelves has been resolved and it's now back on sale.

Asked what kind of commercial issue it was, Brislen replied: "A Vodafone commercial issue."

Asked what kind of Vodafone commercial issues, he said: "The kind of commercial issue where I'm not going to tell you any more about it."

"It's been resolved and stock is running back through the channel," he says.

Yesterday, Computerworld broke the news that the Magic was off sale after a major launch event last week. The party featured naked, body-painted women sporting both the Google and Vodafone logos.

Brislen made efforts to have photographs of the women removed from a blog website operated by TVNZ gadget reviewer Ben Gracewood.

Gracewood removed the pictures and then, after being contacted by Computerworld, restored them and apologised to his readers, saying in future he would thoroughly question PR motives before complying with such a request.

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