Twitterverse reacts to NZ Herald makeover

New look Herald gets mixed reviews

A new-look New Zealand Herald website was unveiled last night, and it's causing quite a stir on Twitter.

Some users find the site, which features new structure and new fonts as well as many more images than before, too busy. Responding to a Tweet for feedback from Ana Samways, Twitter user "sneak" says "there's not enough heirarchy".

"Too many things competing for your view, and not enough differentiation between them," sneak's tweet says.

"IdeologyNZ" also objects to how busy the new-look site appears: "Ew! Do you think they could have fit any more stuff on it? Also, there's a 1px gap on the RHS of the blue stripes on the header."

"Toothpickdog" says the new site is still just cluttered and "way off state of the art".

"Embarrassing to have our nation's name tied to nzh."

Others responding had issues with the site's new font. "Radiowammo" tweets that the focus on content is good "but there is something odd about the font". "NZben" agrees, saying "the text seems a bit smooshed up".

Some say the design needs time to settle.

"BarnacleBarnes" tweets "I hardly read the Herald. They don't use links in their articles. New design needs time to settle in. It's different."

Meanwhile, "djmc" reponds: "Wow, the ads on NZHerald make Trade Me's ads look tiny!"

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