Gen-i claims corporate win for XT

Vodafone suggests Radius Health signed with Telecom in 2007, but Radius begs to differ

Gen-i is claiming a corporate win for its new XT mobile network, announcing today that Radius Health Group is shifting its mobile services off Vodafone.

Gen-i says a new “whole of business” telecommunications contract includes data, voice, mobile voice and data, and internet and extranet services.

Radius has already started to migrate its mobile connections from Vodafone, Gen-i says. Meanwhile, Vodafone has countered suggesting that Radius deal was signed in 2007 and began in 2008, long before the launch of the XT network. That's incorrect, says Radius Health’s chief information officer, Steve Mayo-Smith. He says Radius went to market in May or June last year and signed a deal in November in anticipation of the XT network launch. He says shifting users was delayed until XT was up and running, except for users in the pharmacy group who moved onto Telecom's CDMA network in January. Other users are being moved across now, he says, except for those in the residential group.

Gen-i says the deal follows other wins at Crane Group and Harcourts and increases Gen-i’s number of new XT mobile connections to over 17,500. It adds that Gen-i has generated over 7,500 upgrades amongst clients looking to move to the XT network.

Mayo-Smith says mobile technologies offer new ways for Radius to provide care and advice to its clients.

“Consolidating all of our telecommunications with Gen-i will provide significant cost savings, simplify our billing and make managing our mobile usage easier,” Mayo-Smith says in a statement released by Gen-i today.  “We also look forward to leveraging Gen-i’s ICT expertise to create converged communications solutions that combine mobile with fixed line, broadband and IT for further business efficiencies."

Radius has over 70 locations nationwide and Gen-i also supports the IT and telecommunications needs for the company's datacentre in Napier.

Chris Quin, Gen-i’s chief executive officer, says the XT network strengthens the company's ability to provide clients with the full range of IT and telecommunications services.

Computerworld has requested comment from Vodafone and will update this story when that arrives.

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