Fry Up: Diary of a Gen-i executive

On hold in Bangalore

Diary of a Gen-i executive

Saturday: Went to a bar, got cornered by a reporter

Sunday: Went for a run, got cornered by a reporter

Monday: Stayed home, very sad

Tuesday: Went to a bar, got cornered by a recruiter

Wednesday: Went for a run, got cornered by a recruiter

Simon Moutter new Telecom CEO

Papal crimes

At the altar of the Catholic Church can be laid many crimes. Taking 400 years to apologise to Galileo for that Inquisition is one example - but is a reluctance to embrace free software and open standards another?

According to the Free Software Foundation Europe the Pope may be a proponent of the “vendor tie” and there are some Catholics who think the church should think more about “ethical software”.

Open software activists urge politicians to throw off digital shackles

Hold the front page

Hat tip to Auckland's endangered broadsheet for alerting us to the news that Kim Dotcom, his fellow co-accused Finn Batato, and Formula One racing driver Kimi Raikkonen have filmed a (kind of) racing doco, bringing one of his favourite video games to life.

It features the song Take Me Away, with vocals by Mona Dotcom and Kim Dotcom, produced by Dotcom and Printz Board (musical director of the Black Eyed Peas).

Warning to Presbyterian readers: the clip features Kim Dotcom saying "here we go now, mothertrucker…" except it’s not the word mothertrucker.

What Kim Dotcom did on his holidays

Megaupload case not a slam dunk, judge says

On hold in Bangalore

It may have been their freakish talent that enabled them to throw a ball in such a way that it travels 150kph in the air or it could have been their clear knowledge of strategy and teamwork. Either way Sir Richard Hadlee, Daniel Vettori and Scott Styris are well suited to the world of unstructured-data management. That’s according to a press release hailing the arrival of Hadlee, Vettori and Styris as new investors in the software company Pingar.

Another explanation is that they are famous names in cricket-mad India where Pingar opened an office this week and this will boost the company’s profile. There has been no word on how much money Hadlee, Vettori and Styris are investing – we are still trying to reach the PR folk in Bangalore. In a city famous for its call centres, you’d think someone there would pick up the phone.

Cricketers back unstructured data management application

On the move in Mumbai

Just up the road in Mumbai lives Nitin Paranjape. He is CEO of MaxOffice Services and one of only 30 people in the world recognised by Microsoft as a “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) for Office.

He recently took a trip to New Zealand where he held seminars in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and told the audiences that staff in thousands of companies all over the country are wasting their time by not taking full advantage of stuff like 'spreadsheet consolidation'. Then he left and later his ideas were posted on the Computerworld website, prompting the following comment from one of the readers:

“He [Paranjape] also forgets the human aspect where people get up and talk to each other on how to figure something out in Office applications. A combined criticism/hatred for MS Office is sometimes what holds workers together.”

Office users missing efficiency features

He was last seen catching a plane to Rome.

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