Kordia enters enterprise networking market

OnKor wide area network service gets a soft launch at the CIO Summit

Kordia has unveiled a new retail offering that takes it into the enterprise networking market for the first time.

With OnKor, a nationwide wide area network (WAN) service, Kordia is branching out from its current wholesale focus into the corporate retail networking market, says Drew Gilpin, Kordia's general manager of sales and marketing.

Gilpin says the product is built on Kordia's IP network, which has run alongside its broadcast network for some time. He says OnKor is unique in offering deep packet inspection and bandwidth shaping services at the application level and in the network.


Murray Goodman, network services business manager for Kordia, says the network is a Layer 2 WAN.


"Without this, customers will either be paying too much or getting poor performance," Gilpin says.


Goodman cites "Parkinson's Law", which says applications swell to use whatever bandwidth is available to them.


"More bandwidth just perpetuates the problem," he says.


He says customers — and there are already some using the service Kordia was not prepared to name — can specify critical applications and allocate 80% of their bandwidth to these.


Gilpin says organisations need choice in the WAN space. He says Kordia is a specialist that can provide such specialist services.


He says with a wireless backbone as well, Kordia can offer retail customers "true diversity" for redundancy.


As to price, he says Kordia is "meeting the market", but the service will suit some users specifically and not others.


Goodman says the benefits will outweight the costs. He says these include transparency of network traffic, reporting and the ability to allocate bandwith to specific key and real time applications. It will also allow customers to spot rogue, bandwidth hogging applications, he says.


He adds that this is just the first part of Kordia's enterprise vision. Natural extensions include the delivery of voice, security and SaaS services, he says.

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