Fry Up: Three things that go ouch

And one that goes aaaaahhhhh

It’s a cruel world and the best advice when you’re lying face down in a pool of tears is to get over it. Harden up. Move on. Even if the bullets hurt.

Here are three things that go ouch, and one that goes aaaahhhh.

Double ouch

Two ouches for government IT vendor Unisys.

First, an ousting from what we can only imagine was a lucrative (details confidential) deal with the Ministry of Primary Industries (cows and corn to you and me).

Second, a resignation from managing director Brett Hodgson, who has been at the helm of Unisys NZ for six years. He is leaving to pursue other interests, possibly a start up.

Ministry of Primary Industries appoints IT panel

Brett Hodgson to leave Unisys

Not so ouch now

Remember back when rumour had it Chris Quin (Gen-I CEO) would take over as CEO of Telecom after Paul Reynolds' departure? Well it seems that it's come true (kind of).

Quin has been appointed as acting CEO of Telecom when Reynolds leaves in June, until Simon Moutter takes over the position in September. But will the marathon-running Quin stay at new Telecom for the long haul?

Telecom confirms Reynolds' leaving date


The robust regulation-free business that is Sky TV took a teeny tiny hit this week from start-up ISP Fyx, a spin off from Maxnet (sub-brands are du jour). Fyx is offering “global mode”, which will let users stream overseas content that might otherwise be location locked to them, for instance Netflix or Hulu. The ISP is careful to warn customers that not all geolocked services will be available. Circumventing geolocked content is a legal grey area. For example, with Netflix this goes strictly against the terms of service agreement.

Making it easier for users to access overseas content from their Kiwi premise means that the pay-heaps pay-TV model is a bit less attractive for viewers who don’t care about the rugby but are very interested in the goings on in Westeros (that’s Game of Thrones talk BTW).

Of course Sky TV is here for while and you mess with it at your peril. It is part of the Rupert Murdoch empire. It might be a dinosaur, but you should be careful if you see it stomping towards you.

Maxnet launches sub-brand ISP: Fyx

Why I haven't got a reseller deal with Sky TV

Not ouch, but aaaaahhhh

As Don Draper in Mad Men he’s kind of mean. As John Hamm in real life he’s quite lovely.

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