Hitachi claims first with unified storage solution

Solution the first to consolidate and centrally manage block, file and object data on a single platform

Hitachi Data Systems claims that its new Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) platform is the first unified storage solution to consolidate and centrally manage block, file and object data on a single platform.

“It’s highly suited to markets like New Zealand,” says chief technology officer Adrian De Luca.

“We’re not the first vendor to offer a unified solution but ours is a solution as opposed to a jack-of-all-trades appliance, and is built on platform technology,” De Luca says. “The file leverages the block with a file interface on top. That provides flexibility, with no compromise on file performance.”

He says a lot of “types” of unified storage have been seen in the past five years, deployed as modular storage. “But storage has become incredibly gross, so the only way to handle it has been to get another box. Sites can grow to up to 15 boxes, and you have to rebuy the software for each platform.

“We’ve built a platform that’s three times faster with twice the amount of scalability.

“We’ve extended the content to object stores for data assets that need to be maintained (archiving). That’s the last cog in the lifecycle chain.”

HDS provides its Storage Command Suite that offers a common software framework for every generation and model of its storage.

Over the past 15 years or so, there have been two types of storage, he says. They are enterprise and modular – a more departmental approach. “Modular can’t deliver scalability.”

He says HDS aims to be competitive with the new HUS platform at the higher end of configuration.

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