Fry up: Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Very exciting new mobile game in development, maybe

Very exciting new mobile game in development, maybe

It’s been a long week crunching to get the Fry Up game ready for the Windows 8 mobile platform. Somebody, who may or may not be, employed by Microsoft says it’s the most significant opportunity for developers EVER. And Fry Up is never one to let a chance go by.

NZ game industry: Microsoft pitches new Windows mobile store to developers

At the risk of giving away our IP, the Fry Up mobile game will consist of three egg timers. Each timer will be labelled with the name of a different carrier – 2degrees, Vodafone and Telecom. As soon as a telco announces they are building a 4G network you flip over the egg timer and then guess how long it will take before the sand runs out and the 4G network is in existence.

Current status is that Telecom’s timer has flipped. 2degrees has yet to flip. And Vodafone? What is happening at Vodafone? A blog post by telco consultant Jonathan Brewer notes there is activity in the 2.5GHz spectrum owned by Vodafone, which may or may not suggest a 4G trial.

“Do Vodafone have news for us?” asks Brewer in his blog post. It was a question we also put to Vodafone earlier this week and were told, no, nothing to see here, move along. What's going on with Vodafone's 2.5 GHz spectrum?

Anyway, back to the Fry Up mobile game. It has the working title “Waiting, waiting, waiting...” and while it may appear to only be of interest to the domestic market we think it has export potential because, you know, the internet is international.

We’re working on making it adaptable so that users can create their own egg timer game everytime something is promised by telco and tech vendors, anywhere in the universe - for example the release of the iPhone 5 or tickets for commercial space travel.

Vodafone plans to launch a customer into space

Or the mobile wallet. NFC is the acronym du jour. There are almost as many announcements about Near Field Communications as there are about 4G.

Then there are those companies that just do stuff and then afterwards get around to telling people about it, usually on Twitter. Like Vend, an Auckland start-up that has just signed with PayPal to accept mobile payments in the US.

Here’s how it works: “Customers at a Vend retailer check in to the store using the PayPal app on their smartphone. Once signed in, the POS software updates with the customer’s information - including a photo for the store clerk to use as reference. The customer purchases and pays for goods using the app, and through an internet connection the Vend software updates with the transaction information.”

Vend signs with PayPal to accept mobile wallet payments

Also, Vend has secured $2 million in private venture capital funding this week. Go Vend. We dream that “Waiting, waiting, waiting...” will be as successful.

Now, back to Blender... you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to create a multi-dimensional telco egg timer using open source software.

To get us in the mood we will sing along with our Brony mates.

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