Chorus may pull copper out when installing UFB fibre

Copper may be removed from lead-ins to premises but cables in streets will be left intact

Chorus will remove the copper network connection to some premises when fibre is installed under the Ultra Fast Broadband programme, as there may not be room for both fibre and copper in the duct or on the pole; but if possible the copper will be left.

“We have no plans to remove the copper that runs down the street,” says Chorus external media manager Robin Kelly

“When a retail service provider asks us to connect an end-user to fibre, it may be necessary to remove the copper lead-in to that resident’s premise in order to physically install the fibre lead-in. This might be because of pole loading requirements or physical constraints in the ducted lead-in. “We won’t actively remove a copper lead-in unless we need to, and we would only do this where the resident voluntarily moves onto fibre. If need be, the lead-in could be replaced at a later time,” he says.

A commenter called “Telco Brat” noted on the Computerworld website that the removal of the copper link would mean old-style phones powered through the network would become inoperable.

“In regards to mains power outages,” says Kelly, “fibre networks require battery/power back-up equipment within the home or business to maintain services. We strongly recommend that residents talk to their retail service provider about Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) or battery back up equipment.”

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