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It was back in 1976, newborn girl babies around the known world were being named Rhiannon and Fleetwood Mac was grappling with that difficult eleventh album. Amidst – to quote Wikipedia – “hedonistic behaviour and interpersonal strife” the band created one the greatest easy listening LPs of all time – Rumours.

The same climate of dysfunction is manifesting itself right now in the local telecommunications industry, with cashed up companies eyeing each other across the Tasman. Vodafone may be buying TelstraClear, Telstra may be buying Telecom... and some other unsubstantiated industry gossip that Fry Up is working on getting on the record.

Anyhoo, if the telco industry today is like F Mac back in ‘76 then TelstraClear would be Stevie Nicks. She seems to have caused the most trouble, she couldn’t play an instrument, but every so often she came up with a song that was usually the best on the album.

Telstra considering selling TelstraClear to Vodafone

Telstra eyeing Telecom

Go your own way

Just kidding, government IT departments. Of course you can’t do your own thing.

Not anymore, not now that Colin MacDonald is in charge at the Department of Internal Affairs.

MacDonald told an audience of senior bureaucrats recently that it’s the 'common way' or 'no way' when it comes to technology. Government agencies will automatically be “opting in” to the “common capability” ICT tools.

“Yes, you can opt out.” Phew.

“The bar to opting out will be set high.” Oh dear.

“Just how high is the subject of a paper going to ministers very soon.” Gotcha.

DIA chief urges officials to use common tools

Don’t stop

It was the theme song to Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign and it could well become the theme song to the Institute of IT Professionals, or IITP for those who prefer their tech news be communicated in acronyms.

CEO Paul Matthews says the research shows that the new name for the New Zealand Computer Society will be more appealing to the younger crowd:

“Twice as many of the public identified with the new name over the old and 82 percent would 'trust' the new name over the old one. This is even more pronounced when we look at those under 30.”

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. The past is so over.

Computer Society renamed Institute of IT Professionals

Mister Rogers was never in the band, that we know

Hat tip: Gawker

Fry Up sadly notes the passing of former Fleetwood Mac member Bob Welch, who was with the band from 1971-74.

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