Local domains lack .sex appeal

Just two NZ-related generic top-level domain applications in the offing

The list of applications for new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs), just released by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), shows little interest from New Zealand.

Dot Kiwi Ltd has applied for .kiwi, as is already known, and the ANZ Bank wants to register .anz. There are, perhaps surprisingly, no rival applications for that domain from anyone looking to sell second-level domains (of the form ABC.anz) to the Australia/New Zealand branch of various companies.

The only other application in the list with NZ/AP [Asia-Pacific] listed in the “location/region” column is dotRIP Ltd. It is one of three applicants for .rip – of use, presumably to funeral directors or bulk copiers of DVDs.

Among the favourites in the list, there are five applications for .tickets (none for the widely recognised abbreviation “tix”) and four for .team. Most contended is .app with 13 candidates. There are six applications for .tech, plus one for .technology.

Potentially most controversial in terms of disputed trespass on trade-names are the three applications for .sucks. Second-level marketing of domains of the form XYZ.sucks could be lucrative, if it were not for the distinct possibility of expensive lawsuits from XYZ Corp.

And for those who really want to know – only two applications for .sex and one for .sexy.

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