Fry Up: Pop Quiz II

Back by unpopular demand

Pop Quiz II

The response to the inaugural Fry Up Pop Quiz in March was less than underwhelming, so in the face of complete reader disinterest we’ve decided to run another one today.

1. In the first term of the National government the former ICT Minister Steven Joyce was dubbed “Minister of Everything”, what should his moniker be for this term?

2. You are a massive software company whose founder is giving away his billion-dollar fortune to charity, and yet every time you win a major contract you get slammed in the comments section of a tech publication in a strange little country at the bottom of the world. How can you improve your PR in New Zealand?

3. What is the most popular day for delivery of snail mail – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday?

4. In what year was email invented?

5. What should LinkedIn sponsor?

Answers below


NASA astronaut Don Pettit investigates static electric forces in a weightless environment (space!) using lego.

Hat tip: Gizmodo

Answers to Pop Quiz II

1.Minister for Out and About. His Twitter account reveals a busy schedule, such as attendance at the field days in Hamilton with former farmer Jim Bolger.

And an InternetNZ press release this week heralds an upcoming ministerial address at the organisation's NetHui. But isn’t ICT Amy Adams’s patch now?

Steven Joyce to speak at NetHui 2012

2.Buy Nokia. New Zealanders really love Finland.

Should Microsoft buy Nokia?

DIA estimates savings of up to 55 percent on Microsoft deal

3. According to a source that Fry Up must not name, it’s Saturday for the bill collector. That’s when people are at home and actually do old-fashioned stuff like open envelopes.

NZ Post to launch digital mail service

4. 1978, maybe.

Noam Chomsky disputes email history

5. Cybersecurity Awareness Week.

A third of NZ's top employers back Netsafe on Cybersecurity Week

LinkedIn user alerts mistakenly blocked as spam

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