Tibco brings DIY BI reporting to BPM

Spotfire add-on enables personalised reports

Tibco will offer do-it-yourself capabilities for generating business intelligence reports on business processes to users of its business process management software.

Built as an add-on to Tibco iProcess Suite for BPM, the company's Tibco iProcess Spotfire software enables users themselves to build personalised, real-time process reports. With this information, users can fine-tune their applications.

Previously, users have had to specifically request business intelligence information on BPM from IT personnel.

"The cool thing about this technology is unlike existing business integration products or BPM, this product will allow business users to directly manipulate and analyse the BPM data or the process data that's out there," said Rourke McNamara, Tibco director of product marketing. Management of business processes enables users to make businesses more efficient, he stressed.

Featured in Spotfire are personalised reporting and analytics, as opposed to using static dashboards to display business processes. Customised templates display reports and analyses. Contextual process performance data is generated that can be combined with business data from other applications, enabling process performance to be assessed in a full business context, Tibco said.

Users can build reports on such activities as bottleneck data, process cycle time, and how quickly business participants are working. "This allows the business users to optimise those processes based on how they're being used today," McNamara said. While BPM is used for a wide variety of tasks, McNamara mentioned insurance claims management as an example of a use.

Tibco's iProcess software represents a convergence of BPM, business intelligence, and business rules engines, said analyst Boris Evelson, of Forrester. This convergence, he said, was "necessary to optimise enterprise operations and create actionable insight into data and processes in order to make better strategic, tactical, and operational decisions."

But the merging of the three technologies represents an immature market, which has mostly been addressed by systems integrators cobbling together bits and pieces of components from multiple vendors, Evelson said. Another shortcoming is the lack of common metadata and metadata standards to bridge the gap between data, process and rules data, he said.

Tibco's iProcess Spotfire software is built as a Windows client package, although a web client is available with abbreviated capabilities, called Spotfire Web Player.

Also being offered in the Tibco BPM space is Business Studio 3.2, which is a user interface adding capabilities for visually defining an organisation's structure and relationships between different organisational components. The company will also roll out iProcess Workspace Lite, an HTML workspace client focused on core activities for executing business processes. A simple user interface in Workspace Lite enables the product to be used more easily by those with impaired vision and/or fine motor control difficulties, Tibco said.

Tibco would not disclose pricing information for the three products.

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