Fry Up: A tale of two immigrants

2GB on each arm

A tale of two immigrants

As a nation of immigrants it’s always interesting to see how we treat newcomers to our shores. Especially tall, rich ones.

In the case of Kim Dotcom – self-described internet freedom fighter (check out his Twitter avatar, actually check out his Twitter account – 43,400 followers and counting) - he was denied the chance to buy a house (the New Zealand dream), harassed by black helicopters during a spectacular police raid, sent to jail for a month and then... transformed into a national (folk) hero.

His alleged crime of copyright infringement may yet see him extradited to the US.

In the case of Paul Reynolds – self-described Scottish fisherperson - he was paid the largest salary in the land for running a phone company that pretty much everyone in the country hated when he arrived. Now, five years later, less people hate Telecom. Which is a kind of victory.

He leaves Telecom today and may or may not leave the country - but either way, who will notice?

Targeting Dotcom may backfire on Hollywood: InternetNZ

What Reynolds leaves behind

Five years in the hot seat - Q and A with Paul Reynolds

The Star Wars that I used to know

With her debut album NZ's Kimbra is busy touring across America right now, on the back of her chart topping success guesting on Gotye's song ‘Somebody that I used to know.’ And here's the Star Wars parody of the song. Cos you've been waiting for that, right?

2GB on each arm

This week's CIO Summit has provided Fry Up with an essential accessory for the next black tie dinner - “memory-stick” cufflinks that Intergen was giving away at its stand. Regular Fry Up readers will know that we only attend events for the free stuff and, this year, Intergen's freebie was the stand out. Well done guys.

CIO Awards winners announced

Data is the new business currency

Maybe at the 2014 CIO Summit a company could give away Google glasses, especially the light blue ones like Sergey Brin has (see image below: Stephen Lam / Reuters).

"We created Glass so you can interact with the virtual world without distracting you from the real world," says Google designer Isabelle Olsson. "We don't want technology to get in the way." Google looks to make science fiction real with glasses

White whine

Meanwhile our leader, ICT Minister Amy Adams, has her mind on other business, tweeting this morning: “Air NZ is a great airline, we are lucky to have them, but what is with making us turn off electronic equip 20 mins before landing? #airnz”

Video highlights

Finally, can you judge a man by his video? We invite you to compare and contrast.

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