FX Networks extends fibre-based peering

Fibre-based interconnection points will improve online experience says Crown Fibre

FX Networks has announced the availability of increased fibre-based interconnection points around New Zealand.

ISP connections will be available over NZ Internet Exchange (NZIX) points in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch.

Jamie Baddeley, general manager of executive projects for FXN, says his company is the only ISP in New Zealand which peers at all of these NZIX exchange points.

“We’ve also extended our peering footprint to selected UFB zones on a bilateral basis where the NZIX interconnection points didn’t previously exist."

Baddeley says FX Networks is also inviting the service provider community to get in touch regarding access to new bilateral peering connections in Rotorua, Napier, Timaru, Dunedin, Tauranga, Whangarei and Nelson. More locations are to follow.

Murray Milner, director of Crown Fibre Holdings, says it’s great to see online content getting easier for people to access, “thanks to FX”. “As Ultra Fast Broadband is rolled out across New Zealand’s cities and towns, access speeds to peering and interconnection points in each city will increase. Together, these developments will improve the online experience for New Zealanders.”

Content providers who are customers of FX Networks will also be able to leverage the platform to deliver content all around New Zealand, and to peered ISPs of FXN.

Baddeley says Radio New Zealand has recently joined as a customer. “The public broadcaster will be using the FX Network via geographically diverse connections in Auckland and Wellington, ensuring that it can fulfil its role as a lifeline utility during civil emergencies.

Via this peering approach, FX Networks is now able to deliver content to the vast majority of UFB zones for TVNZ, Weta Digital, the Geonet Natural Hazards Reporting System, more than 20 Government agencies, and many more.”

He says the developments mean that for many content providers on the FX Network, the potential population served for interconnection or peering reach had gone up more than 50 percent.

“For those providers, this is a real shift about how customers of other ISPs can connect to content. We understand that our customers want to ensure their content is as widely available as possible, and this will be increasingly important as the RBI and UFB are rolled out. We hope this new development is a sign the industry is transforming to meet the needs of a high performance fibre-based world.”

The new arrangement also includes delivery of content via FX Networks to peering points with Telecom New Zealand in at least 20 of 29 locations around the country where Telecom Xtra residential DSL users are interconnected. FX and Telecom Wholesale brokered a peering (or interconnect) arrangement in April 2010. This has recently been renewed since the Telecom separation.

Baddeley says this has proved vital to public safety in near real time. FX Networks carries the Geonet Earthquake reporting system all around the country via the nationally distributed interconnects with Telecom and other ISP’s. Many felt the recent magnitude 7 quake centred near Opunake, and immediately after this quake FXN easily carried over 600Mbps of public safety information on demand to the rest of New Zealand from the Geonet System, he says.

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