IPv6 taskforce to target different sectors

Individual industry groups will get tailored advice on IPv6 migration

An IPv6 Task Force established last month under the auspices of InternetNZ will establish separate bodies to debate, represent and act on the concerns of various industry groups regarding the adoption of the IPv6 internet addressing scheme, says Murray Milner, who is co-ordinating the effort.

For example, Milner says, an ISP, a datacentre proprietor and a large commercial organisation will face different challenges in adopting IPv6, and will need to develop “road maps” appropriate to their needs. The sectoral groups sparked by the taskforce will each support a workstream to that end, he says.

The taskforce replaces an earlier steering group, which organised a series of IPv6 hui in major centres earlier this year. Crucially, the taskforce will be linked with the international IPv6 Forum, which provides worldwide feedback to national IPv6 migration efforts.

The old steering group was purely New Zealand-focused, Milner says.

“We believe we got a mandate from the hui to restructure the effort in alignment with the international structure,” he says. The taskforce will be “more action-focused” than the steering group, he says, though it is likely to include much the same personnel.

An IPv6 Trust will be created to help finance the taskforce’s efforts. This will be financed from funds left over from the hui, a contribution from InternetNZ and “other sources”.

“We’re looking to industry and government,” he says.

Another event will be held in the middle of next year to further the public profile of the IPv6 migration established by the hui.

The IPv6 Task Force will communicate regularly on its achievements and the progress with each of the sectoral workstreams, Milner says.

In New Zealand, 75% of IPv4 addresses are already in use, prompting speculation of a rush to IPv6 in the near future.

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