110 sites cut over to new one.govt network

Department of Labour delays cut-over

The new one.govt network, the replacement for the failed Government Shared Network, has gone live without any problems.

Robin Hartendorp, managing director of the prime contractor, Datacraft, says 50 of the 110 sites were cut over in the past 10 days.

“I doubt that any of the telcos could have done that,” he says.

The only contracted department still to be connected is Labour, which has delayed its cut-over till this weekend while the department works on its datacentres.

Phase two of the project will see 80 more sites connected. Murray Jurgeleit, managing director of subcontractor FX Networks, says there are indications the base will double next year, with 200 more sites likely to be connected.

Hartendorp says it is disappointing that some government departments are still going to tender for WAN alternatives to one.govt. Computerworld understands these include the Ministries of Economic Development and Corrections.

A commercial version of the network, to be known as one.biz, is imminent.

“We expect to announce a large commercial customer before Christmas,” Hartendorp says.

The cutover from the Government Shared Network was achieved within two months, though that network has still to be fully turned off.

Jurgeleit says the partners took advantage of all the emerging urban fibre networks.

“We’ve integrated 10 sister networks into one single network to the benefit of the government. I think this a model for the future.”

He also had praise for Telecom’s role in the project.

“Telecom Wholesale did a great job providing circuits for us. The network is predicated on their HSNS (high-speed network services).”

Hartendorp says he expects two more large government departments to sign up to one.govt before Christmas.

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