App review: Photogene2

Everyone can be a photographer these days

Everyone is a photographer these days, or at least that’s how it feels sometimes when you realise how powerful the camera on your smartphone is. It’s true that good gear does not make a good photographer, but decent editing tools can help make the images you take look a bit more 'pro'.

Earlier this year I reviewed Adobe’s Photoshop Touch for Android tablets and iPads. Being a tablet-only app meant you would need to transfer photos to it for editing, or take the photo on the iPad itself. If you’ve ever seen someone trying to take a photo on their iPad you’ll know this is a last resort.

Looking for an app that I could use to edit photos on the go on my iPhone, which more often than not is my primary camera, I came across Photogene2 in the Apple App Store.

Photogene2 isn’t the prettiest app out there. The design is very clunky and looks like an app from several years ago. But what it lacks in polish the app makes up for in its features and functionality, and at only a $1.20 it’s an absolute bargain.

This app angles itself as a full-service program. It’ll help you take a great photo with its stabilisation software. Crop and add filters, and then turn the photo into a collage if that’s your inclination.

Photogene2 also has the usual colour and contrast adjustment tools that’ll be familiar to more seasoned photographers.

The developers of this app understand how to take a complicated tool and make it usable on a smartphone. The “click wheel” scrolling menu puts all the features literally at your fingertips, and simple indicators like pixel dimensions when cropping are provided.

Photogene2 comes with several exporting options including services such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, FTP servers and Dropbox.

The app does have some glaring issues however. I found the phone battery drained quickly, and more than once the app unexpectedly quit on me in the middle of editing. These instances were very rare over the course my week using it, but were enough to make me reconsider my final score.

3 and a half stars

$1.29 Apple App Store

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