Delays at NZ Post's mail hold system

NZ Post says it remains confident in its system

NZ Post’s mail hold service suffered some service interruptions over the two, four-day non-delivery periods during Christmas and the New Year. However, the company maintains this is not a reflection on the technical integrity of its online systems.

“The Hold service is not entirely automated and requires manual intervention,” says operations manager Paul Bishop. “Unfortunately, human error in ensuring system recognition did cause some service interruptions with a small number of Holds.

“We take all interruptions to our services very seriously and we have moved to prevent this happening again. We regret that this has occurred, but it is not a reflection on the technical integrity of our online systems.” A disgruntled user told Computerworld NZ Post made reimbursement with postage stamps. Bishop says that for customer complaints about services involving requests for reimbursement of small amounts of money, Post offers in the first instance, reimbursement by way of products – mainly stamps. “Many customers are happy to accept this. Where customers prefer a cash reimbursement, we willingly arrange for a direct credit to be paid to them.” He says the platform supporting the online mail hold, redirection and address change services has operated to requirements since its introduction two years ago, and has proved robust with increasing demand for these services. “We remain 100 percent confident in the platform,” he says. The service was developed for NZ Post by HCL at a reputed cost of $2 million.

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