HSAGlobal software picked for Australian parenting centres

Two Australian parenting centres have collaborated with HSAGlobal on revamping their client information systems

Auckland healthcare software company HSAGlobal has designed a solution for two Australian independent early parenting centres.

QEC and Tweddle have collaborated with HSAGlobal to revamp their client information systems. They have replaced an eight-year-old Java-based system.

The two organisations provide a range of residential and community-based support services in Melbourne and other areas of Victoria. Together they support 4900 families across 14 sites.

HSAGlobal was selected from six providers.

After an initial pilot, the HSAGlobal solution, named TWEQ by both providers, went live at all sites in April.

Previously much of the client information at QEC and Tweddle was stored in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access files and in handwritten file notes. Staff at many remote sites could not access or share information and there was a significant amount of duplication and manual data manipulation for reporting.

“Our remote staff feel more integrated into the organisation – they have the latest client information to hand without having to get the file from storage and can see what interactions other colleagues have had with the client and their family,” says project director for QEC and Tweddle, Janelle Crossett.

She says there have been significant time and cost savings as a result.

“For our clients, TWEQ automatically sends an SMS reminder of their appointment and they can easily confirm or postpone the meeting. This has been really useful for busy parents, and also saves our team members time because they don’t travel to an appointment to find the person has forgotten and is not home.

“To meet our government reporting requirements, we had to combine data from more than 80 spreadsheets. The statistical admin work really took time away from our core work.”

She says the two organisations currently spend around $15 per client on paper. “Within six months we aim to move to only three pieces of paper per file, so there are great hard-cost savings, too.”

QEC and Tweddle have plans to further use the system to improve the service they provide to parents and families.

“We currently support around 2500 people by telephone,” says Crossett. “We plan to introduce a web-based interface where clients or GPs can complete a scored assessment, powered by TWEQ on the back-end, to advise them of the options available for support. This will enable some clients to get immediate advice via podcast and videocast, and others to receive help in a more timely fashion. The anticipated time-savings for us are huge, again helping us to help more families.”

HSAGlobal chief executive Matt Hector-Taylor says the company will begin work in Sydney also, largely research and development based around three areas: core integrated systems; primary care; and age and community care.

HSAGlobal, which was formed in 2008, has other overseas business, in the UK, Singapore, Canada and the US.

“We’ve grown from 15 staff a year ago to 26 people now,” Hector-Taylor says. “Our next stage is to focus more internationally. The key is to get good reference sites.”

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