Update: More XT outages south of Taupo

SIM card swap needed to restore full service for some customers

Telecom's blighted XT mobile network is on the blink again.

Customers from Taupo south are experiencing significant interruption to voice services, Telecom has confirmed. SMS and data services are also affected, but to a lesser extent, the company says.

Computerworld also understands that following last week’s problems with the network, some customers are experiencing issues restoring services. Wellington-based Mike Henderson, for instance, says that “some XT phones just stopped working last week, one of them being a close relative's shiny new HTC S523.” According to Henderson, the symptoms were that the relative could send and receive calls; he could also send but not receive texts. The problems went on for three days, with the relative being unable to receive SMS from Vodafone and XT. Henderson says that after several fruitless conversations with Telecom’s help desk in Manila, he went to a Telecom store. The store “tried every trick in their book” but eventually they gave him a new SIM card and re-provisioned it. Once the new SIM card was inserted, thirty or so back-up texts arrived, one after the other, on the relative’s phone, Henderson says. The store attendant told the relative that “yes, we've had to do this on fifty or so phones so far" in order to restore full SMS capabilities. Telecom has been contacted for comment on the issue, and we will update the story once it arrives. The new XT problem could point to further issues with the Christchurch Radio Network Controller (RNC). Telecom has yet to say where in the XT the failure occurred, and there is no estimated time of resolution at this point.

Update: All sites restored, says Telecom Telecom says services have been restored to all cell sites affected by yesterday’s XT network outage from Taupo southwards. The network is under close observation. Telecom chief executive officer, Paul Reynolds, will host a briefing on XT this afternoon.

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