Online property information planned for Wellington

Wellington City Council issues tenders for web-accessible database of properties

Wellington City Council is out to tender for supply of a publicly web-accessible database of properties in the city which will inform owners and others of the construction of properties and underlying soil – of value in assessing earthquake risk, as well as the more mundane but still valuable matters of safety and planning consent for alterations.

An image of all streets in the city will be available, says Neville Brown, the council’s programme director in charge of earthquake resilience. “You’ll click on a property and you’ll be told what property it is, what the building’s made of, geotechnical information on the land – which is now becoming critical for [building] consents – and also [its status on] the District Plan; what our law around the use of the land in that area allows you to do” – how large a building of how many stories can occupy the land, for example.

The database will be accessible through any web browser and an app for the iPhone is also planned. On the current schedule the work should be complete and the database available by the end of the year, Brown says.

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