Snapper launches mobile payment system in Auckland

Having been ousted from the integrated ticketing contract, Snapper is back in Auckland with an NFC mobile payment system

Fresh from its ousting from the Auckland’s integrated ticketing contract three weeks ago, Snapper today announced the launch of its Touch2Pay mobile payment system in Auckland.

Touch2Pay lets users pay for goods using phones that are NFC (near field communication) capable on the 2degrees network. Money is pre-loaded onto a user’s Snapper account, and deducted when tapped against a retailer’s NFC reader. Users can also transfer money from their Snapper capable phones to other Snapper cards using an app on the device.

Snapper says there are 300 Snapper capable retailers in Auckland, and 500 nationwide. According to Snapper there are around 40,000 transactions per month in Auckland - averaging $5 per transaction.

Although the system officially launched in Auckland today, the functionality has been available in the city since early May when Touch2Pay first launched in Wellington.

Whereas in Wellington where Touch2Pay users can also pay for buses and taxis, because of its termination from the $100 million Auckland integrated ticketing contract, Auckland users might be limited to a handful of retailers and around 1000 taxis that carry the NFC readers.

Snapper CEO Miki Szikszai says he doesn’t know what the specifications for the new bus system will be, but expects Auckland Transport will opt for a single Thales-based system.

Once the technology used on the Thales system is made available, Szikszai says Snapper will endeavour to make its cards compatible.

Sizksai says Snapper is currently in talks with one of 2degrees’ competitors about launching on another network, but would not name the carrier.

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