Stereotype confirmed: Gamers are salad dodgers

The 'screen-focused' consume too much soda and candy

A recent study conducted by the University of Iowa suggests that children who spend considerable amounts of time playing video games have a much higher chance to develop cavities and other dental health problems when compared to those who don't play.

With video games making a dramatic shift from obesity enabler to fitness tool, a new health scare has hit the medium in the form of the University of Iowa's study linking dental health issues to gaming. The university's research indicated subjects who spent prolonged periods of time in front of screens engaging in sedentary activities were more likely to face tooth decay issues than more active participants. According to the study, gamers and their screen-focused ilk consumed more sugar-filled foods like soda and candy on a far more frequent basis than the norm, leading to more frequent dental troubles. While Wii Fit and EA Sports Active have helped stem the tide of video game-related obesity troubles, there doesn't seem to be a modern-day combatant against this health issue... if said issue actually exists.

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