HANA redefines database technology: Enprise CEO

SAP partner hails in-memory database technology as 'a game changer'

“SAP see this is as a game changer,” says Enprise Group CEO Mark Loveys, whose job costing module has become one of the first SAP Business One solutions to work with SAP’s new HANA database technology at a customer site.

“They’ve completely redesigned the way a database works,” he says. “There’s an enormous amount of memory now available.”

HANA uses in-memory technology to provide significantly increased processing speed, the ability to handle big data, predictive capabilities and text mining.

“It’s essentially been designed for big data,” Loveys says. “The end result is a very fast operation.”

Enprise Group is part of an advisory group of SAP solution partners. The module, Enprise Job, is being rolled out at a large SAP customer in South Africa.

“We think it will give huge benefits to users of big data,” Loveys says. Job costing inherently involves big data. A single job can involve purchasing, sales, a long time-line, and many people.

He says the speed advantages provided by HANA are significant enough to enable Enprise Job to move up the market into the larger business space.

Enprise is upgrading each of its eight add-on modules for SAP Business One to optionally support the HANA platform.

“We’re still discovering the real potential of this new technology. HANA allows functionality which previously would have slowed down the application too much and so would never have been considered.

“Like a lot of technology shifts, it gives us new opportunities that will allow us to move up the spectrum.

“We aim to compete heavily and put pressure on Microsoft and Oracle. I believe this will be quite a shake-up for the database sector.”

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