MSD boosts data matching to fight fraud

Ministry of Social Development responds to audit recommendations

The Ministry of Social Development is increasing its use of data matching and its cooperation with other agencies to fight benefit fraud.

The moves come after a recommendation from the Office of the Auditor-General that the ministry participate more in cross-agency intelligence groups and incorporate intelligence from these into its data-matching programmes.

The ministry has also investigated how it can use its data-matching programmes for new purposes, a follow-up report from the Auditor-General, released today, says.

The ministry's intelligence unit is carrying out analysis of the agency’s databases, leading to new activities including risk assessment development and identification and mitigation of emerging fraud trends, the report says.

MSD has also undertaken risk assessments and profiling work for its new Integrity Intervention Programme, for risk prevention and early detection.

"The ministry intends to continuously refine this programme and feed the results into future risk profiling and detection work," the report says.

Further, MSD has established a dedicated unit to manage the programme and implemented a new fraud workflow model incorporating case studies of high-value cases as an ongoing, interactive learning tool.

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