Tales from the world of ICT

A vital report Every week, pilot fish's IT group produces a report generated from a database by an automated script. A hard copy the report is produced and distributed to users. This routine has been in place for years. But one day, an alert user notices something about the report. "We got a complaint that the report he had just received was identical to the one from the week before," fish recalls. "We looked into it and discovered that the script was corrupted. It had generated the exact same report for nine months before anybody noticed. "We stopped distributing hard copies of the report after that."

Bike downs ER unit Pilot fish who works at a small rural hospital gets a call at 5:30am from the emergency room. "The ER tells me that the lab is having some problems," says fish. "When I call the lab, they tell me the night lab technician ran over a network cord with his bike and broke it. Fish wonders if he's dreaming as he pictures people riding bicycles up and down the hospital halls in the middle of the night. But when he arrives at work, he's immediately led to the back car park to survey the damage. That's where the mobile MRI unit is parked. And that's when fish sees the network cable that connects the MRI unit to the outdoor network jack 20 feet away. Or used to - the cable has been ripped in two. Fish replaces the broken cable with the longest one in the storage cupboard, which is barely long enough to reach between the MRI trailer and the jack. Then he calls the night-shift tech, who sheepishly admits that when his shift was over, he rode his bike past the mobile MRI unit on his way home. "He somehow got the network cable wrapped around his tyre and broke it," fish says. "Then he asked the emergency room staff to get IT to fix it before they started MRIs in the morning. "He didn't mention anything about injury to himself or his bike."

Monday blues Pilot fish arrives at work on a Monday morning, and the first user request he’s faced with is: "Last Friday I worked on a document for the entire day. "I never saved it. When I exited Microsoft Word, I clicked "no" to the question 'Do you want to save changes to Document1.' "How do I retrieve this document?"

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