Snap offers 1 TB broadband plans

Christchurch-based ISP promises unmetered access during off-peak hours

Christchurch-based ISP Snap has announced plans for 1 TB of data per month for its ADSL, VDSL, and UFB customers.

The 1 TB option is a $70 per month add on to Snap’s existing broadband packages. For the basic 25 GB ADSL package with the 1 TB add on, a customer will pay $145 a month.

Mark Petrie, Snap CEO, says there will be no packet shaping or throttling on Snap’s new plans, and those using the internet between 1am and 7am will be unmetered. Snap says it has provisioned upstream bandwidth for service, and has run unlimited internet promotions before with success.

Snap customers signed up for the speed, and that’s what they’ll get says Petrie. “Otherwise why have the fast broadband connection?”

Customers who subscribed to Snap’s VDSl and UFB plans on a 24 month plan will get two months worth of base fees for free.

Snap GM of retail James Koers says Snap is keeping an eye on developments following Kim Dotcom’s announcement over the weekend which included a pledge to resurrect a second international internet cable for New Zealand.

“In general terms we’re supportive of any venture that delivers more bandwidth capacity into New Zealand,” says Koers.

Koers says he is unable to divulge the number of customers Snap has on its various packages, but currently business customers account for the majority of the ISP’s revenue, he says.

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