Tales from the world of ICT

Catchphrase catches exec At an IT department, there were some cooperation issues between the networking and helpdesk groups, recalls the CIO pilot fish who has to deal with the problem. "I called a meeting to mend some fences between the two groups and do some team building," fish says. "After the typical complaints were aired — 'They don't know what they're doing,' 'They don't give us enough network rights to do our jobs,' 'They never return my calls or emails' — I finally got them to see things from the other group's perspective. "The meeting was going well. In closing, I reminded them that working as a team is the best way to get things done. However, the director of the networking group decided he had to get the last word in by mentioning a slogan that emphasises the "it's all about teamwork" directive. This was his choice of phrase: "Remember, there is no I in IT." CIO recalls: "There was a pause as everyone looked around at each other. Then I replied, 'Actually, there is one, in front of the T.' "We all laughed — except him."

The romance of radio A city council IT group decides to start using two-way radios again because staffers aren't answering their cellphones when needed, reports a pilot fish on the scene. "The current digital radios will reach far beyond the borders of our city and into the underground parking and staff areas of city buildings, due to internal antennas that have been set up where there used to be coverage problems," fish says. "When we started using them again, I dusted off the old call-sign sheet, but the new staff members wanted better call signs than the stodgy 'Tech1,' 'Tech2' and so on that were used in the days before cellphones. "I asked the staff which signs they would prefer. "One, who is ex-military, suggested using the person's initials but in military-letter speak — where each letter has a word associated with it that makes it easy to understand over a radio. "This sounded good until we translated our CIO's initials. We really didn't think he was going to answer to 'Juliet Romeo, are you out there?' — and none of us were sure we'd have the guts to ask it on the channel."

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